Line Source Systems
Line Source Systems
LA 20v2


Lotusline LA series are based on the latest electro acoustics developments and include SHM™ proprietary technology.

SHM™ (Single Horn loaded Midrange) improve dramatically midrange bandwidth and efficiency by avoiding multiple components dispersion and using collinear mid and hi frequency horns layout.

First line array uses mid drivers on plane baffle. Small improvements in efficiency have been made by using compression load midrange directly in the front common waveguide, but creating irregularities in frequency response, and dispersion in characteristics due to the multiplication of components. Actually, coaxial midrange equipped with rear standard HF driver is used in common acoustic chamber imposing a long path to high frequency waves. Lotusline Line Array uses the shortest possible design by positioning the toroidal HF drivers in front of the midrange driver.

SHM™ technology reduces the total harmonic distortion both in high frequencies by minimizing the length of waveguides and in low mid by increasing the radiating surface of the driver.

Lotusline Line Array are high efficiency systems, thanks to the entirely horn loaded design, and the use of the best modern European custom build transducers. Combined with the true line source design of Lotusline Line Array, high sound pressure levels can be obtained in long far field with the best tonal balance on the whole system coverage.


Lotusline LA20V2 are line array modules designed for variable curvature vertical tangent array as well as horizontal constant curvature horizontal tangent array.

Designed to build medium throw line sources, the 100° horizontal coverage and 10° to 20° vertical coverage of LA20V2 perfectly complement LA10V2 line sources for downfill.

Composite arrangements of LA10V2 and LA20V2 are the best solution to cover any large audience area homogeneously.

Lotusline LA20V2 are completely compatible with Lotusline subwoofers series and can be stacked directly on anyone.

Due to its exceptional sound quality, its power capacity, and its fast and easy rigging, Lotusline Line Array series are intended for daily use in touring companies, as well as for permanent installation in theatres, congress centres or arenas.

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