Power Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers
LAM 220


The LAM 220 is the second amplifier of the Lotusline system.

Able to deliver high resolution, ultra clean power up to 4500 Watts peak without distortion, the LAM 220 is our second speaker manager.

It can drive any Lotusline system combination with factory setup still offering to the sound engineer to fine tune the overall installation.

The LAM 220 delivers full power on 4 ohms load per channel. When the full power capacity is not mandatory, like in most distributed sound installations, the LAM 220 can handle more cabinets and work under 2 Ohms load.

The LAM 220 have two analogue inputs, two AES/EBU inputs, two outputs, ten PEQ bands per input / output, a frequency range from 20 Hz to 40 kHz, rugged analogue input stage dealing with input voltages up to +23 dBu, excellent dynamic range of 120 dB, highest quality converters, all come together forming part of our amplifiers extensive feature set and resulting sonic purity.
The amplifier section provides highest quality power. The latest SMPS, high value protection system, intuitive control set & rotary encoder control access to all parameters and functions, navigation is straightforward and clear.

DSP Section

The DSP section features 96 kHz sample rate and high quality converters with dynamic range of 120 dB for the analogue inputs and 117 dB on the outputs, for optimal sonic purity. For each input and output you can set up 10 parametric filters, limiters and delay, making the LAM 220 fully configurable for any speaker system.

Up to 50 presets can be stored for instant recall from the front panel of the LAM 220 amplifiers.


Easy to use and easy to configure system setups, the software includes all the control functions that demanding audio engineers require, it is presented graphically to make it straightforward and intuitive to use.

The functions include grouping, clear graphical editing of parametric EQ, saving of PEQ graphs as images, exporting presets as text files, delay can be measured in meters, millimeters, feet, inches, seconds and milliseconds.

Other functions include remote monitoring of status, of external equipment, security access rights and integrated remote firmware upgrade. The software is available for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS.

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